Thursday, November 24, 2011

Windows 8 Blue Poison, So That People With Disabilities Feature

Microsoft has released the developer preview of Windows 8 is exactly one month, as part of the Conference Building. The release was made available to the public – in fact, is still available for download – and users have enough time to test some new features of the operating system. It did not take long to understand that some features were disabled in the preview and other not yet implemented. Tools such as Metro UI Tweaker were created shortly after the release for some features disabled in the operating system.

Windows 8 Poison Blue 2 provides access to four different functions: Get Windows 15 and Office 8, unlock the hidden features of the operating system, install different themes home screen and activation functions.
The program must start with elevated privileges to all its functions. Windows 8 downloads section always lists the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 downloads and download the latest Office 15. I can not say with certainty where they were loaded. Office 15 download is password protected, which shows that is not downloaded directly from the official Microsoft servers. Caution should be used.

windows 8 download blue poison

The second tab, unlock hidden features can be used to activate Windows 8 that are not enabled by default. This is to allow the application folder and the classic Start menu in the latest version of Windows blue Poison 8.
And ‘here possible, to work individually or all together. Earlier versions of the program offered to open a variety of features, which subsequently had to be removed, because the developer preview of Microsoft updates.

windows 8 features

Themes section also provides an opportunity to change the current theme in different color green. A total of ten new themes, color schemes are available to replace the default theme of Windows 8. All you need to make the change, select the new theme and then restart the system.
Interested Windows users can download the latest version of Windows 8 blue poison on the website of the official program. Download options are compatible with previous Microsoft operating systems as well (tested on Windows 7).

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